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About us

Corporate Cleaning Solutions (CCS) is committed to excellence by providing concierge healthcare laundry services. In an industry that exists on a “par” level of customer satisfaction, we are endeavoring to raise the industry standards. CCS has sought to place the unique needs of each customer at the center of every project. Management promotes a proactive approach to dealing with project issues. Our approach calls for an acute understanding of the client’s needs and expectations. CCS takes every measure to insure that the desired result is obtained effectively and efficiently.

Customer satisfaction is the name of the game at CCS.
The culture of our business begins with:

  • Commitment to detail
  • Employing qualified individuals with the same commitment to excellence
  • An open line of communication with Clients to insure needs and expectations are understood
  • Our willingness to go above and beyond what is typically expected
  • Hands on management
  • Partnering with quality vendors to insure a quality product
  • A State of the Art facility
  • Our unique ability to think outside of the box to provide unique solutions to complicated issues

Our company was founded upon the principle of excellence. We strive in every aspect to achieve not just industry standards but superiority throughout the market. CCS has made it our goal to be the leader in this ever evolving industry.

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